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Complete TradingView Tutorial for beginners and traders new to the charting platform.



[01:00] – How to set up a Trading View account
[03:00] – How to open the charting section of the Trading View website
[03:14] – How to change the chart options & settings
• How to change chart type (candlesticks etc)
• Candle Colours
• Chart colour and background
• Time zones
• Trading options
• Change cursor type
[05:07] – How to read the current market price
[05:59] – How to change the time frame & zoom in and out on the chart
[07:13] – How to scroll back on the chart & sync time when scrolling and viewing different time frames
[07:52] – How to use drawing tools and studies & use different drawing settings
• Lock chart (drawings etc)
• Make drawings hidden
• Stay in drawing mode
• Magnet mode for drawings (weak and strong)
• Plot potential trades
• Undo drawing
• Drawing visibility
[11:41] – How to use the ruler tool
[12:34] – How to add indicators to a chart
[14:00] – How to use chart layouts (chart templates)
[15:44] – How to find and view different markets
[16:34] – How to arrange the charts over one or more screens
[17:23] – How to connect your Trading View account to your broker account
[18:05] – How to enter a trade within Trading View
[19:51] – How to view your open and pending positions within Trading View
[20:37] – How to add stop loss and take profit levels & how to close a trade
[21:49] – How to view your past trade details within Trading View
[22:11] – How to set market alerts
[24:19] – How to add text notes to a chart & how to use the general notes feature
[25:20] – How to use the replay feature
[26:48] – My thoughts on Trading View
[28:13] – How to use my affiliate link
[28:35] – How to clear Trading View cookies in Google Chrome
[29:08] – How to clear Trading View cookies in Safari

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