Traders! I’m starting my own Forex TV show centered around day trading, me teaching people how to trade, my life on reality TV, my relationship with my wife, and being an all-around entrepreneur. With this show that’ll release weekly, you’ll see a DEEPER insight into who I, Swaggy C, really am. You’ll see my ACTUAL LIVE TRADES: Wins, Losses, and MyFXBOOK will be shown. You’ll see any stress dealing with trading, any joyous moments dealing with trading, and more. I want to be REAL and FULLY transparent with you guys.

In the upcoming episodes, you’ll see: Me buying 2 cars, some of my trading wins, losses, and my psychology around it all, moving into our $6,200/mo apartment in Downtown LA, real-time decisions on if I want to go back on TV or not, balancing time with my wife, traveling, conversations with other Traders, heading to London to work on a project with Astro FX.. and a lot more! SO MUCH content and value will be shown on this show and it’s going to remain on YOUTUBE! Hope you guys enjoy Episode 1!

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