Live FOREX Trading Session. Ask questions. Get answers. Follow our trades and see when we buy and sell EUR/USD or get the Strategy and use it on different pairs.

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we are trading 1pip=£100. You can trade 1pip=£10 or £5. It is all about how big is your trading account.

The Strategy is available on this site:

We was trading for over two decades and now you can follow our trades live on YouTube for free. You can also watch hundreds of our saved day trading sessions on our channel and if you are interested you can purchase the strategy and start making a real profit from trading forex or stocks on margin. It is not that complicated and anybody can achieve great results.

After you’ve got The Strategy you can test it by adding the indicators our day traders using in order to see Buy or Sell signal.
It is available in Playlist:

This is a live trading Session from the Trading Floor with Real Money Invested in the market and not a trading course or a seminar where somebody trying to teach the audience his/her new idea of trading. All of this happens live in front of you.

We are not giving any recommendations or advise when and where to invest. All of this you can discover through our trades and The Strategy we are using.

For more information please contact us:

Every week we make a donation from our profit to different charities. You can join us and help others

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