Just for fun, I thought I’d make a video on how to find and buy stocks that have just made a Golden Cross pattern using the TradingView stock screener and Alpaca.

The Golden Cross is a pretty commonly used indicator where a medium term moving average like the 50 is crossing above a slower / longer term moving average like the 200. Generally the longer the time periods used, the more weight is given to the strength of the move. The 50 / 200 combination is probably the one that most people know so it becomes somewhat self-fulfilling. Keep an eye on volume for confirmation of moves is a good tip.

Once you find a stock you like, you can then use one of the built in brokers like Alpaca to purchase the stock where you have the ability to set your purchase price, as well as a stop loss and a profit target. Both optional of course. You can also add alerts to let you know when you have bought and sold the stocks.

Super easy, super simple. Great to have it all combined in the one platform.

If you would like to sign up to Trading View would be great if you could use my link so we both get up to $30 towards our trading.

As Always, Not Trading Advice. Always Do Your Own Research.
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