. #GBP #USD Bulls in a strong position now to use weakness as an opportunity Video
http://ntvforex.com/news/?id=d39d45. . 7 22 2020 11 28 06 AM . . . #GBP #USD . There are key breaks across so many major pairs at the moment, and with Cable, that key break is the upside move above $1.2670 and the big seven month downtrend. Coming with improving momentum RSI into the mid 60s, Stochastics strongly configured and MACD lines rising, this looks to be a move progressing for a test of $1.2810 now. There has been a slight stalling of the move initially this morning, but the bulls are in a strong position now to use weakness as an opportunity, rather than a threat. Initial support sits on the hourly chart between $1.2640 $1.2670, but essentially support between $1.2540 $1.2670 is a strong area of unde…

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