First time using Trading View and the new Trade Station integration.

I haven’t tried this before and couldn’t find any other videos so figured I may as well make and share one. I signed up for an account with Trade Station which will allow me to trade US stocks directly within Trading View. This is the first time I have tried it so I am guessing my way through it, but seems VERY cool so far. Trading View is by far my favourite charting / trading platform so looking forward to seeing how this goes.

I like that I can set stop loss and take profit orders at the same time. Good set and forget solution.

Hopefully you found something in the video useful. If you did and you would like me to keep sharing them, then please do click like and even subscribe as it lets me know they are getting watched and people think they are useful.


Has an EXCELLENT Stock Screener and the best charting online.

If you are considering using / signing up for Trading View then it would help me out if you used my link below. We both get $30 if you sign up for a paid account. I recommend the Pro plan as you then get access to more indicators and most importantly live data.

The big advantage of membership is you can add more indicators to your charts, get more alerts, and most importantly be able to subscribe to live, not delayed, data.

You can find me on Trading View at:


If you are an Aussie wanting to trade US stocks then I would very much recommend Stake which is super simple to set up and use and has no brokerage, so you can run close stocks and buy and sell as often as you like. I’m a fan. Linky below.

As always – if you are looking to trade a stock, then please do your own research or speak to a broker as I am only guessing, and the stock market lies.

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