EURUSD Historical data is a FREE video from EA Forex Academy. You can find Forex Historical Data App on our website for FREE:

In this video, you will learn how to download not just EURUSD Historical Data for free but also for many other currency pairs and trading assets, such as Gold, Bitcoin, Indexes.

It is very important for every trader to use the right Historical data if one wants to make a backseat. For example, if you have a strategy for EURUSD, you need to have EUR USD Historical data.

All you need to do is to select the symbol you want to trade and select the time frame. Also, select the format you wish to download.
For example, you can download EUR USD Historical Data for:
– MetaTrader
– EA Studio
– Forex Strategy Builder Pro
– Excel

Also, in this video, you will learn how to import the data in EA Studio and how to make it work for your trading broker.

The EUR USD Historical data is coming from the Dukascopy broker which is the most trusted broker when it comes to Forex Historical data:

But if you want to trade with another broker you need to modify the symbol settings. You will learn how to modify the EUR USD Historical data for example for the JFD bank broker. You can do the same for any other broker.

If you are interested to know more about algorithmic trading and Historical Forex data, you can watch the free course from Forex Academy:

If you want to get into details and learn more professionally Algorithmic trading, have a look at:

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