Day Trading Feelings Don’t have them! Really though leave your feelings about the Stock Market, the economy and all that at the door we got no room for them around here! We find ourselves saying that something is irrational or overextended so it can’t go higher then it does. Missing clues on the Chart while DayTrading is what leads us to making bad decisions. The less feelings we can bring to the table while being a DayTrader the better. As the old saying goes “The StockMarket can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent”

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DISCLAIMER: These videos are for educational purposes only. Nothing in this video should be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment. Consult with a professional financial adviser before making any financial decisions. Investing in general and options trading especially is risky and has the potential for one to lose most or all of their initial
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